The name of this company comes from combining the name I grew up with with the name I took when I married. Just as two needles come together to make material of beauty and strength the two last names came together to make this company. A company that aims to create beauty, one piece at a time, for others to enjoy.

As a young child I would watch my grandmother knit, crochet and tat (make lace). She loved to make things with her hands. She gave me my first lessons in knitting. Some were formal but more often I just watched. Since those days long ago I have continued to knit at different points in my life and in different places throughout the world learning of different styles and patterns. I find knitting to be very relaxing, therapeutic and a wonderful way to express my creativity in a world of busyness. I love the process and activity of knitting. I love the challenge of creating new and unique products. I love making an item that someone else will love.

I hope that you will find this web site useful, encouraging, and inspiring for your own projects and a place for gifts for yourself and others.